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    SEO Case Study – Leken Adventure

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    Leken Adventure Ltd.


    About Company:

    Leken Adventure is exclusively different Kilimanjaro Climb Outfitter Company Based in Arusha Tanzania Offers Tanzania Safaris in a sense that we customize and operational Tanzania Safaris and Kilimanjaro Climb in a control which’s not possible elsewhere. It’s because we are not just Travel Agents and not just ground operator handlers. We Leken Adventure aim to provides absolute control of your entire African expedition from the day you email / call us until you fly back home, having an attainment summit at Mt Meru / Mount Kilimanjaro. Leken Adventure control the entire process. Therefore, you only deal with us. Our Kilimanjaro expert Guides have a great success rate of 86%+ and have safely guided over 5000 clients to the roof of Africa.




    The website is made in wordpress CMS and was not optimized properly at the beginning. There were so many technical SEO issues/ errors in the website. Also, SEO was not implemented earlier. Keywords were not ranking initially.




    We helped Leken Adventure by delivering our technical SEO services, optimized the website, created the high domain authority backlinks and updated meta tags. We are still working with Leken Adventure and making the web more search engine and user friendly.


    Services we served:

    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Content Writing & Marketing
    Search Engine: www.google.com
    URL: www.lekenadventure.com
    Keywords Rank
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    serengeti budget safari 12
    3 day serengeti safari 15
    6 days marangu route 15
    tanzania 3 day safari 15

    Website Traffic Improvement:


    “Leken Adventure” –  has seen a dramatic increase in traffic within three months from diversified sources.

    The graph below shows the comparison of and improvement in the overall traffic (Organic) between the time durations of August 2017 – October 2017 and November 2017 – January 2018.

    leken traffic

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