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    Top 5 Lead Generation Tools in 2020

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    Top 5 Lead Generation Tools in 2020

    Lead generation is a challenging task for all businesses regardless of the type of industry or niche they are in. If you have implemented the Search engine optimization strategy properly, then your website will produce consistent leads through major search engines like Google, AOL, Bing, and Yahoo.


    Here is a list of top 5 lead generation tools that will work in 2020. You need to play with them smartly and work on a regular basis.


    1 – Google Adwords
    2 – Facebook
    3 – Twitter
    4 – LinkedIn
    5 – Quora


    1 – Google Adwords


    Google is on the top position that takes more than 80% searches from the customers. Adwords is Google’s product that generates huge website traffic to the website owners. Most marketers are using Google Adwords to target their potential customers with Pay Per Click Advertisement and Display Advertisement.


    2 – Facebook


    Facebook is the best lead generation platform with a simple user interface. If you have some good marketing skills then use Facebook to drive leads.


    3- Twitter


    If we talk about Twitter. It’s an awesome tool to market and promote your content in a better way. There are so many adoptions in Twitter ads which you choose depends on what you want to promote.


    4 – LinkedIn


    LinkedIn is the world’s 1st professional marketing platform. LinkedIn ads are a great way to create awareness about your product, services, or brand. LinkedIn will provide you with a window opportunity to showcase your brand to the decision-makers.


    5 – Quora


    Last but not least. Quora is the best forum for people to ask questions. If you have time and writing skills then it’s a better tool for you. Just create an account and find the questions related to your business and answer them. It’s similar to Yahoo Answers but the responses on Quora are generally of a higher quality and provide more insight.


    There are a lot of different ways to generate leads for a company. Every above tool differs in the way they generate leads for your business, hence every tool has a different set of features and will help achieve your specific goals.


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