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    How To Get Started With Local SEO in 2020?

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    How To Get Started With Local SEO in 2020?

    More than 82% of customers find local businesses to avail of services and products. And more than 50% of customers search for the same on mobile devices. Local SEO can be a huge sales generator for small business owners. Local SEO proved to be one of the biggest trends throughout 2018 and 2019, and is expected to continue doing so throughout 2020 too.


    So if you are looking for more sales and leads in 2018. Then you must understand the magic of Local SEO Services that will not only enhance the ranking but also boost the client base & business.


    Below are some good tips to optimize Local SEO in a proper way to get decent results.


    1. Google Business Listing & Optimization:


    Google is the biggest search engine in the world that has more than 75% of customer data. This means more than 75% of people search on Google for services and products. Google gives an opportunity to all small & big businesses to create their business profile on Google Business to get appear in the local search. So make sure your business has a profile on Google Business. If you don’t have that then it is the right time to get listed and optimize that with correct information.


    Visit: https://business.google.com, and enter your business details along with address, working hours, email, website URL, and phone number. After registering here you must receive a verification code from Google within 14 days.


    Make sure you understand that Google only allows real business owners to have their Google Business page. If you are not able to verify the page then you must contact your Digital Marketing Agency.


    Here’s what a well maintained and optimized Google My Business profile could look like on a search page.


    Sapdra Florida, US
    sapdra usa


    Sapdra India
    sapdra india



    If your business exists in more than one location/country. Then you must verify both the addresses. It will be an extra mile for your business.


    2. OnPage SEO Optimization:


    Yes, this is the basic and very important for every business owner to optimize the website according to the localization. Ask your SEO expert to optimize the Meta tags using NAP (business name, address, and phone number). Because NAP helps a lot for Local SEO Optimization.


    3. Link Building & Local Citation:


    The local citations will work in the year 2020. So let your team guide to work on local citations and create strong profiles from the same niche. Keep them updated and 100% complete. Try to use unique content (About us description) for every citation website.


    4. Mobile Optimization:


    Keep your website 100% mobile-friendly. Understand, if your website does not work properly on mobile. Then you will lose your mobile customers. So ask your developer to fix all the issues or redesign a website.

    Click here to run a mobile-friendly test – https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/


    5. Customer Reviews:


    It doesn’t matter how many customers you serve in a month or year. If you serve only 1 client in a month. Then do not forget to ask their reviews. Just share your Google Plus page to your client and request them to leave their review.


    If you want to learn more about the Local SEO Services. Feel free to write to us : sales@sapdra.com or Schedule a 30 Min free consulting at https://calendly.com/sapdra. Moreover, we are available on Skype. Our Skype Id is SAPDRA.


    Thanks for reading. Keep doing quality work!!
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